Medical Writers - A boon to pharmaceutical, clinical research and...

Medical Writers - A boon to pharmaceutical, clinical research and...

Medical Writer (MW) - As the term suggests, a writer in the medical stream or a bit more precisely a person who writes medical documents. But does this description truly enough to describe a MW calibre? Let’s find out in this brief article the responsibilities and importance of MWs in various pharmaceutical companies, CROs and communication agencies.

Medical writing is a kind of scientific art which requires a combination of scientific knowledge with an aptitude of writing. MW generally involves in writing different types of scientific documents including regulatory and research related documents, manuscripts or abstracts for publication purpose, healthcare websites content and educational or promotional literature related to drug or disease for awareness. All these documents were required at various steps starting from drug development to post product launch.

Apart from good writing skills, MWs require knowledge of medical terminology and understanding of medical concepts. Also some specific documents have stringent guidelines for the structure and content which has to be taken care off while writing. Target audience which includes general public and patients, physicians and regulatory authorities were able to understand the information presented in the above mentioned documents. Apart from writing, MWs required to perform other activities like analyzing and presenting research data in tables and figures, data and document review, formatting and editing documents for publication process, post publication review, medical literature search, maintaining bibliography and literature database, writing appendices for various documents having amendments.

MWs have everlasting experience due to increasing number of various clinical trials and research studies. Flow of new information and results were continuously being added in the field of medicine. Although MWs were not the authentic scientists or researchers, but still they need to efficiently express the data so that accurate findings and truthful message communicated to the target audience. MWs need to work closely with other departments like statistics department for accurate interpretation of data which were sensitive or inconsistent and were need to discuss with functional experts.  Also MWs were regularly in contact with their valuable clients/sponsors for better understanding of their requirements. So irrespective of their working environment and conditions, the job of MWs in preparing one complete document was extremely crucial. MWs need to be consistent in their language while discussing results or facts of a given study, drawing any conclusions or expressing their views in a document. Along with this MWs need to familiar with various industry standards, knowledge of worldwide accepted guidelines, understanding of ethical issues so that their commitment to quality generated documents can be fulfilled.

To become a successful MW some basic skills or requirements are necessary which includes a life science academic background, good writing skills, commitment of generating quality documents, understanding and analyzing data accurately, knowledge of industry standards and guidelines and lastly ability to work under pressure or tight deadlines. Apart from these fundamental skills, experienced MWs have additional expertise which enhances their importance to a company like familiarity with different indications and drugs, knowing drug development process, product launch and marketing strategies, experience in writing every single type of document and overall quality check of documents.

Today, medical writing is one of the most frequently outsourced business and various companies offering lucrative job opportunities to budding and experienced MWs. Also, companies are positive in retaining their employees by providing employee friendly policies. Thus, writing medical documents merely not enough to describe MWs skills and cannot be confined to this concise article. This article briefly gives an insight to the importance of MWs in today’s scenario but still there is a lot more to include and discover the world around MWs.

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