Our “GROWTH” over a “DECADE”

Our “GROWTH” over a  “DECADE”

Tech Observer launched its Flagship branch at New Jersey, US in 2005 as a Biostatistics company with a team of 15 people. Now, we are proud full service CRO with a total strength of 200+ located strategically at all our 5 offices across the globe. 

2005: Tech Observer founded in New Jersey, USA

2008: Tech Observer launched its second branch at New Delhi, India

2012: Tech Observer acquired R2T- Local Singapore CRO

2012: Tech Observer opened its office in Sao Paulo, Brazil

2015: Tech Observer recently opened its Fifth office in Beijing, China

Our growth over the years is mainly Organic,  In 2012 we fueled it with an acquisition of a local CRO at Singapore which have broadened our visibility mainly in Asia-Pacific region and also have added scale to existing reach in already more than 30 countries throughout the World.