DIA 23rd Annual EuroMeeting (28-30 March 2011) at Geneva,...

DIA 23rd Annual EuroMeeting (28-30 March 2011) at Geneva,...

28 - 30 March 2011, 23rd Annual EuroMeeting

Tech Observer-the Global CRO has participated in the DIA 23rd Annual EuroMeeting (28-30 March 2011) at Geneva, Switzerland.


The Drug Information Association’s Annual EuroMeeting was global in scope, attracted more than 3,000 professionals from over 50 countries. It was a huge success bringing together professionals from the biopharmaceutical industry, contract service organisations, clinical research, regulatory agencies, health ministries, patients organizations and universities. This convergence affords attendees the opportunity to network with professional colleagues from around the world.

The 22nd Annual EuroMeeting provides unique opportunities to:

* Presentations by more than 350 speakers

* Representatives from the EMEA, FDA and regulatory agencies throughout Europe

* Network with professional colleagues from around the world

* More than 200 exhibitors in Europe’s largest interactive exhibit hall

* Hot-topic sessions in 13 themes:

  • Theme 1: Innovation
    Is an Open Innovation Paradigm the Way Forward for Pharma?
  • Theme 2: Staying in Business: How to Make Sure You Comply with All Rules and Regulations, Quality, Compliance, and External Challenges
    The Price of Globalisation: Bringing Modern Therapies to Developing Countries or Only Including Patients in Trials? What Should We All Know About Indian Society, Medical Practice and Patients Before Drawing Conclusions?
  • Theme 3: Paediatric Medicines on Their Way to Patients
    Initial Impact of the Paediatric Regulation After 3 Years   
  • Theme 4: Decision Making: The Key to Efficient and Effective Drug Development, approval, and access
    Influence of HTA on Regulatory Decision-Making: Reality? Opportunity? Threat?
  • Theme 5: Paving the Way for Advanced Therapies: Fostering New Generations of Biotechnology-Derived Medicines
    CAT Experience in the First Year
  • Theme 6: Challenges for Switching from Prescription to Non-Prescription Status through the Centralised Procedure
    Could the UK Model Be Reproduced at EU Level?
  • Theme 7: Personalised Medicines: What Is It, Where Do We Stand, and Where Are We Going?
    The EMEA’s New Biomarker Qualification Process: How Does It Work and Where Does It Fit?
  • Theme 8: Taking the European Regulatory Infrastructure Forward
    Pharmaceutical Package - The Latest Information
  • Theme 9: Risk Management
    Research Initiatives in Risk Management
  • Theme 10: The Informed Patient
    Pharmaceutical Package: Information to Patient Proposals - What Difference Will They Make?
  • Theme 11: eHealth
    Connecting Healthcare and Clinical Research
  • Theme 12: Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2020
    What Major Research Activities Will Drive Drug Discovery and Development?
  • Theme 13: Handling Clinical Trials, eSubmissions and Quality Requests
    Emerging Standards from ICH


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