7th DIA Japan Annual Meeting , Tokyo

7th DIA Japan Annual Meeting , Tokyo

Tech Observer AT 7th DIA Japan Annual Meeting

October 28-29 October 2010, Tokyo

At a time when globalization of pharmaceutical development is moving extremely quickly, it is important to create an opportunity to consider what direction should be taken in Japan and Asia and where we should look to the future through the clarification of Japan’s role and contribution in global development.

As keynote speakers, Dr. Fumimaro Takaku, President, Jichi Medical University and President, The Japanese Association of Medical Sciences, and Dr. Yasuo Ikeda, Professor, Life Science and Medical Bioscience, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University, both leading Japanese medical authorities, presentED on “How to Nurture and Develop Products of Japanese Origin” and "Japan’s Capability in Global Develpment” respectively.

Session topics discussed during the two day workshop are as follows:
1. Proof-of-concept and Dose-finding Studies in Global Development
2. Pediatric Medicines
3. Experience from the Pandemic Crisis
4. Adaptive Design in Japan
5. Quality Improvement; Lean Six Sigma
6. Therapeutic Risk Management and Post-Marketing Surveillance
7. Clinical Research

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