Pharmaceutical/Biotech/Medical Device

USA is a world leader in biopharmaceutical research and development, conducting nearly 50% of the world’s R&D. Tech Observer is highly invested in providing the right talent for the pharmaceutical/biotech sector. We have the ability and the skills which are currently used by

Our clientele spreads across NJ, CA, AZ, WA, RI, MA, MD and CT.


With the ever-emerging needs, continually reinforced regulations and changing laws on patient care, Tech Observer regularly provides its clients with the right technology and low-cost workforce.

Our clientele spreads across MN, CA, NJ, CT, IL, RI and CA.


Tech Observer has the resources to staff the highly dynamic, regulated and politically evolving needs of the financial sector. Our services are currently used by

Located in the financial hub of the country, we cater to clients in the NYC, NJ, DE, NC, FL, TX and VA.

Telecommunication and Media

In the digital world of today, communications and media industry is the most fast paced with a new technology springing up probably every day. If you want to work in a trade, that requires you to learn and adapt quickly, then Telecommunication & Media is for you.

Tech Observer is highly invested in this sector and has the right technical background and the agility.

Our clientele spreads across CA, WA, TX, GA, VA and NJ


From local shops to e-commerce giants, this sector has grown to be the biggest and one of the most profitable segments in today’s times. Tech Observer partners with big & small retailers

Our clientele spreads across OH, IL, MN, NY, AR and WA

Consumer Goods

Tech Observer strives to study the latest market trends and the changing demand and supply needs of individuals. We partner with clients from

Our clientele spreads across NJ, VA, OH, OR, MN and MI

State Government

Tech Observer works with State and Local Governments to understand the public sector and to provide the infrastructure and technology needs designed for a unique Government operating model